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We’ve partnered with many academic and nonprofit organizations to further their research and extend the reach, engagement, and impact of their evidence-based programs. We’re serving more than 250,000 researchers, providers, and program participants with our websites and technology solutions. Read about the ways we’re working with your colleagues below.

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The SHAPE System

The Center for School Mental Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine has partnered with 3C Institute to develop a web-based portal that helps schools and districts assess and improve their comprehensive school mental health systems.

Adventures Aboard the S.S.GRIN

An engaging online game to teach social skills to children ages 7-12 who experience social-behavioral problems

Relapse Prevention Program

A SBIR/NIDA-funded project to develop a game-based online substance abuse relapse prevention program for adolescents

Via Hope Online Learning

With funding from the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division, Via Hope partnered with 3C Institute to develop the training website


A powerful suite of customizable web-based tools supporting program implementation.

Hall of Heroes

An intelligent game that prepares children for the social challenges they face while transitioning into middle school, featuring adaptive content and immediate feedback for teachers


An online deployment system for developmentally appropriate assessments for children (ages 6-12 years) featuring accessibility tools to address learning challenges and maximize children’s engagement and motivation.

Stories in Motion

An evidence-based, online social visualization and data collection program for upper elementary students with ASD to improve their social skills by generating illustrated narratives around challenging social scenarios.

Zoo U

Online game-based social and emotional skills assessment and skill-building program for children aged 7-11.

Some of our clients:


This free training supports clinicians learning and implementing IPSRT with an online course,
video interviews, downloadable resources, a user forum, and other resources. 

MD Behavioral Health 

Hosted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine,
this site offers a variety of trainings to individuals interested in supporting
the behavioral health of youth and their families. 

Treatment and Services Adaptation Center

Developed with the RAND corporation, this educational site provides resources to
promote trauma-informed school systems that provide prevention and early intervention
strategies to create supportive and nurturing school environments.

Cornell Mental Health Training Network

This site provides online training opportunities, resources, and consultation to professionals who care for older adults,
to improve experiences and outcomes associated with geriatric mental health..

ASU New Beginnings

This website and data collection tool for Arizona State University's New Beginnings Program
helps mothers and fathers help their children adjust following divorce or separation.

Group MI for Teens

This website and free interactive online training teach mental health professionals how to use
group motivational interviewing-based interventions in group settings with adolescents.
Developed with the RAND corporation.

Project Impact for Toddlers

The Bridge Collaborative website and Project ImPACT for Toddlers training, a video-based interactive course,
help parents and professionals improve childrens' communication skills.


LIFT (Life Improvement for Teens) is an online intervention developed with
the RAND Corporation to help students recover from traumatic events
such as accidents, physical abuse, and school and community violence.

Strategy Shaper

This dynamic, interactive, online training allows early to mid-career clinical scientists and researchers
to practice and build the negotiation skills needed to successfully advance their careers.


Developed with the RAND corporation, this school-based, group and individual intervention is designed to
reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and behavioral problems,
and to improve functioning, grades and attendance, peer and parent support, and coping skills.

Via Hope is an online training site developed with funding from the
Texas Department of State Health Services’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division.
Via Hope's mission is to transform the mental health system to foster resilience,
promote recovery, and be person, youth, and family driven.